Meet Mary





Mary Sczuka was born and raised in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and later settled in Annapolis, Maryland. In 2007 she moved to Phoenix, Arizona to explore new opportunities in the hospitality industry. In Phoenix, she continued on in the restaurant business working at fine dining restaurants as a server and bartender. It was during this time that she became increasingly aware that the work and lifestyle she had enjoyed for so many years wasn’t serving her anymore. She began to make some lifestyle changes which included, among other things, yoga and meditation. When asked how she found herself in the colonic business Mary answers “ I knew I wanted to be of service and that somehow that was going to involve helping people feel some sort of relief.” Not sure how that was going to happen or what that meant at the time, Mary later found herself having a conversation with Cathy Shea, founder of the International School of Colon Hydrotherapy. Six months later she was in Juno Beach, Florida being trained by one of the most respected and renowned Colon Hydrotherapy instructors in the world. Mary graduated from ISCH in January of 2013, moved back home to Maryland and has had the pleasure of being an I ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist ever since.