Kind Words


January 2015
Words cannot properly express the life changing moment I experienced with my 1st colonic at Levity Colon Hydrotherapy! Literally, it was a positive physical and emotional change that I did not expect to occur with my first session under the guidance of Mary Sczuka. Her patience, understanding and knowledge about the mind, spirit and body far exceeded my expectation of getting on a table to “let it all go” that I had imagined from my preliminary research of “what to expect” before, during and after a colon hydrotherapy session from the web. My fears and apprehension about what was once a pretty taboo procedure were eliminated after our consultation. I felt completely comfortable with Mary, and eagerly awaited the session. After the session, I could not believe how comfortable and relaxed I was during the entire session, and that’s a true testament of being in the care of a certified and well qualified colon hydrotherapist. Mary’s knowledge and personality made trusting her easy which is vital to me. I did indeed “let it all go” – toxins, worries, any desire for future poor eating habits, etc. in a safe, welcoming and non-clinical feeling environment. It was indeed the best thing that has happened to me with regards to a healthy lifestyle change. I am very happy that I made the choice to entrust this significant lifestyle change to Mary Sczuka. And, I now recommend her to friends and strangers!  

~Shannon V.  Baltimore, Maryland


March 2015
Mary is amazing! She really makes the entire Colon Hydrotherapy process so comfortable and easy through her humor and comfort. You will leave a session with Mary Sczuka at Levity feeling physically clean and light and mentally clear! I absolutely have!

~Laura Ann S. Baltimore, Maryland


February 2014
Mary Sczuka the Colon Hydrotherapist  is a life saver. I’ve been struggling with irregularity since I was a child. Through Mary’s knowledge, caring and sensitivity I have become more and more regular. The session itself is very relaxing and in fact very relieving. I have the highest respect and confidence in Mary’s skill and ability. I’m very grateful to Mary Sczuka.

~Janelle S.  Sparks, Maryland


February 2015
The colon hydrotherapy process is an intimate experience that can be confusing and filled with uncertainty for a first-timer. Mary has the ability to calm you and make you feel extremely comfortable without any pressure. She talks you through every step of the process and make every effort to assure your experience is calming and refreshing. I’ve been a client for almost two years and have referred friends and family members. I can attest to her expertise and experience. Her warm personality and welcoming demeanor are the main reasons why I keep coming back…she’s like family! I would personally recommend anyone to have a cleansing to reap the benefits of its renewing and energizing qualities.

~LaShaune Stitt, faithful client